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Lion Cub Meets His Dad for the First Time [5 Pictures]

August 21, 2012 at 9:00am | by AP

When the cub in this series of photographs was about 7 weeks old, its mother decided it was time for him to meet the rest of the pride, including the little fellow’s father. And, lucky for us, photographer Suzi Eszterhas was there to capture the moment.

She describes the meeting…

The cub was a bit shy and apprehensive but the father was very gentle…playing with them and often growling.

In both situations, the mother was sitting nearby, watching very closely, ready to pounce on the father if he got a bit too rough with her cubs.

The mother’s nervousness turned out to be unneeded and the little cub is now folded happily into his family…

Via: The Daily Mail
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